Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Todo Destruido Distro List 2015

Here's some distro stuff I have for sale:
Records are NOT post-paid (You pay actual shipping)
+ New arrivals/Restocks
Paypal only!
Message me for total or any questions:

New arrivals/restock for March 2015:
Rayos X "Ansiedad" 7" (MMM) $5
Breakout "True Crime" 7" (Grave Mistake) $5
S.H.I.T "Feeding time" 7" (Static Shock) $7.50
Forward "Against their insanity" Lp (540) $12
Descontrol "Producto de las..." Lp (OdioLos Discos) $15
Atheos "Religiones pordridas" Lp (Fallas) $15
Destruye y Huye "Oscura Sociedad" 7" (Verdugo) $5
Ekolalia "Si lo que kieren" 7" (Verdugo) $5
Impalers "Psychedlic Snutskallar" Lp (540) $14
Rakta "s/t" 7" (540 Records) $6
S.H.I.T "Collective Unconsciousness" 7" (Iron Lung) $5.50
Criaturas "Espiritu de Libertad" Lp (Residue) $10
Criaturas "Oscuridad Eterna" Lp (Lengua Armada) $10
Paa Kii "s/t" Lp (Airiston Punk-Levyt) $14
Secret Prostitues "Mati Di Moskow" 7" (P-trash) $6
Breakout "Razorwire" 7" (On High) $5
Rakta "s/t" Lp (540 Records) $12
System Fucker "s/t" Lp (Distort Reality) $10
The Corpse "s/t" 7"(Distort Reality) $5
Ectoplasm "s/t" 7" (Distort Reality) $5
Haldol "Demo" (Self Released) $4
The Stasi "Demo" (Self Released) Tape $4
Vermin "s/t" 7" (Urgent Warning) $5.50

Age "Survive" (Black Water) $2
Alaric "S/t" (FYBS) $2
Arrigt Antraek "S/T" (Hjernespind) $2
The Assassinators "I Disse Morke Tider" (halo of flies) $2
Big Crux "Pa'lante como el elefante" (Iron Lung) $2
Black Coffee "s/t" (Death Exclamations) $2
Breakout "Razorwire" (On High) $5
Creepers "Ten minutes of trouble" (Cerrebellum Records) $2
DHK "Extincion" 7" (Hysteria) $5
DSB/Assassiantors "split" (Halo of Flies) $2
Deceived "Smash Patriarchy" (Reiterate) $2
Decraneo "Heil Vaticano" (Metadona) $2
Derrota/Horror "split"  (Trabuc) $2
Dirty Work "s/t"  (Muck raker) $5
Diskords "Heart full of Napalm" (Vinyl Warning) $2
Diskurz " S/T" (Todo Destruido) $2
Disparo "s/t" (Trabuc) $2
Disparo/Demencia Kolective (Trabuc) $2
Disturd "Isolation" (Black Water) $2
Drapetomania "S/t"(Todo Destruido/Silenzio Statico) $5
Ectoplasm "s/t" 7" (Distort Reality) $5
Esperanza "The Begining" 7" (Todo Destruido) $5
Exhale/Diallo "split" (Cries of Pain) $2
Gasmask Terror "17101961" (Sphc) $2
Guerilleros de Nadie "Intolerancia" (Suburban Wt) $2
Icon Gallery "s/t"  (solar funeral) $2
Impetus Inter "s/t" (Cerebellum Records) $2
Instangd "Mitt Svar Pa Ingenting ep" (Sorry State) $2
Kicks "The Secret/The retuen of the action men" (540 Records) $5
Kurraka "Hermanas de la oscuridad"  (Todo Destruido) $5
Landfill "s/t" (Death Exclamations) $2
Las Senoras "s/t" (Solo Para Punks) $5
Luxuria "Con poses y sin apoyos" 7" (Rock Sub Discos) $5
Lux Vanitas "The mysterious and deadly" (Paralogy) $2
Mahas "Dead of Night" (Death Exclamations) $2
Mercy Killings "s/t" 7" (Beach Impediment) $5
Morbo "Me llega al pincho 2002-2004"  (Rock Sub Discos) $5
No Escape "Generation Trap" (Trabuc) $2
Nukehammer "Soviet rusl belt"  (Solar Funeral) $4
Obliteration "War is our destiny" 7" (Beach Impediment)
Pkadores/Eske "split" (Discos 13por13) $2
Poliskitzo "Dulce del systema" (Todo Destruido) $5
Porcodio "Nessum Posto Per Me"(Lengua Armada) $2
Putas Mierdas "Extincion" (Trabuc) $4
Putas Mierdas "La Nacion Mas Pobre" (Adelante) $4
Reciklaje/Blackhole of Calcutta"split" (Exabrubpto) $2
Red River "S/T" (Fermented Chaos) $2
Salted City "Rebirth" (Adelante) $2
Sick Plot "High Wire" (16 oh) $5

Sista Kriget "8 track horror" (black water) $2
Snot Rockettes "Prom Night Massacre" (Todo Destruido) $2
Sotatila "VituiksMeni" (Havoc) $2
Sotatila "Eepp" (Plague Bearer) $2
Southside Stranglers "Too much TV" (Grave Mistake) $2
Speed Kills "s/t" (Nada Nada) $2
The Coathangers "s/t" (Die Slaughterhaus) $2
The Corpse "s/t" (Distort Reality) $5
The Now Dead "s/t" 7" (Rust and Machine) $5 
The Stops "s/t" 7" (Residue) $4
Ultratumbados "Requiem para una decada" (Todo Destruido) $2
Usura "En Verga" 7" (Metadona) $5
U.X Vileheads"Catch 22" (Sorry state) $2
Vaaska/Skizophrenia "split" (540/TD) $5   (Colored Vinyl)
Vermin "s/t" (Urgent Warning) $5
Warning/Warning "my world" (Flower of Carnage) $2
Wormsmeat "Four Stupid Brains" (Games of the arseholes) $2
v/a Vicious and Loud  2x7" w/ N/N, Deskonocidos, Ultratumbados, En la olla, Sin Nombre, Sleeping Creepers, Diente Perro, Los Sobrios Emputados, and Jenny Fatale (Persona Unknown) $10

Amenaca "Demo 2009" (Base/D.E/S.N) $5
Born Liars "Ragged Island" (Cutthroat Records) $3
Criaturas "Espiritu de Libertad" (Residue Records) $10
Criaturas "Oscuridad Eterna" (Lengua Armada) $10

Daylight Robbery "Through The Confusion" (Residue) $5
Dictadura "Bajo la sombre del miedo" Lp (No Thanks) $6
The Energy "Get Split" (TSR) $6
Framtid "Consuming shit/demos" (540) $15
Geriatric Unit "Permethrin Blues" (La Vida Es Un Mus) $5
Icon Gallery "s/t" (Dear Skull) $5
Impalers "s/t"  (TD/540) $15 (Colored Vinyl) 
Institution "Domen ar satt"  (Havoc) $10
Kieltolaki "Collection" (Moo Cow) $6
La URSS "Sonidos de un derrumbe" (Todo Destruido) $10
Lotus Fucker "Forever my fighting spirit" (Sphc) $10
Manipulation "s/t" (Sorry State) $6
Neuroot "Right is might" (Havoc) $6
Night Birds "Born to die in suburbia" (Grave Mistake) $7
Nueva Autoridad Democratica "s/t"  (Solo Para Punks) $15
Side Effects "More to fear" Lp (Shithammer) $5
Sudor "Ganas de Vomitar" (Solo para punks) $12
The Altars "S/T" Lp (Adelante) $5
Under Al Kritik "S/T" (Darlige har liv) $5
Varukers "Another religion another war" (Havoc) $7
Varukers "One struggle one fight" (Havoc) $7
Versklaven "s/t" Lp (Torture Garden) $7
The Wankys "Knock one out"  (SPHC) $7
Warning/Warning "There's nothing left" (Solar Funeral) $7
Zyanose "Noise Philia 2005-2011" (Todo Destruido/540 Records) $10

Dishelldethterror "Endless Disgrace" (Doomsday Records) $4
Forfall "demo" (Self Released) $4
Haldol "Demo" (Self Released) $4
Nueva Autoridad Democratica "Demo" (Todo Destruido) $4
The Stasi "Demo" (Self Released) Tape $4

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Todo Destruido Wholesale List 2014

Here's the list of what we have available for wholesale. I tried to add a site for each band in order to hear them, not just read a description. Prices are listed + shipping.

Sudor "Cuatro Canciones..." 7" (Todo Destruido) $3.50
Brand new 7" from one of my favorite bands on the world, Spain's Sudor! If you've talked to me about music in the past couple of years I've probably tried to shove their LP down your throat, and finally here's a domestic release that you can grab on the cheap to give them a sampling. These tracks were recorded at the same time as their first 7", and were originally intended for a compilation that never came out. Quality-wise, these are top-notch... in terms of sound, I still haven't really figured how to describe this band in an intriguing way. Simple riffs, strong Discharge inspiration, but with minimal distortion on the guitar and absolutely manic, frantic tempos but still insanely catchy. This is the sound of PUNK  -Sorry State

KURRAKÄ "Hermanas de la oscuridad" 7" (Todo Destruido 20) $3.50
After a great demo, KURRAKÄ is back with a debut 7". If you have not heard them yet, KURRAKÄ is an all female, dark, raw punk band from Austin, TX. With influence ranging from obscure European punk to South American HC, Kurraka still manage to keep it fresh and original. On this release you get 2 darker/melodic songs and 2 fast HC/Punk songs. Expect more catchy riffs/vocals and noisey guitars. 3 new songs and 1 off the demo. Viva el ruido!

La URSS "Sonidos de un derrumbe" Lp (Todo Destruido 19) $7
After the "Producto" Lp, La URSS released a 7" called "Mecanismo". On this Ep I felt the band had grown and finally got a sound all of there own so I was curious to what the new Lp would sound like. As soon as I heard the new Lp it clicked immediatley. It was better than anything they had done before and even catchier than before. This has alot to do with the back-up vocals added, something they usually don't do. The songs get a little darker on this Lp without getting into the Post Punk/Goth realm. Great guitar work, catchy bass lines/back up vocals can be expected on this release. Amazing record, highly recommended!

DRAPETOMANIA "S/t" 7" (Todo Destruido/Silenzio Statico) Out Now! ($3.50)
Drapetomania released one of the best demos last year in my opinion, so I was stoked when they agreed for me to do a 7" for them. Drapetomania's sounds is not easy to describe, as they mix South American punk with melodic/Oi! influences while still keeping it raw and aggressive. Intead of me trying to describe it I will post a link to the song so you can hear for yourself. Limited to 500 copies on full color offset fold out sleeve. Members of Mata Mata and Tuberculosis for those keeping tabs.

ZYANOSE "Noise Philia 2005-2011" Lp (Todo/Destruido/540 Records) Out Now! ($7)
Crazy, blown out, HC/Noise punk done the way only the Japanese can. This Lp compiles all of their 7", demos, comp songs etc...Full color sleeve with black dust sleeve. Great record/live band as well.

POLISKITZO "Dulce del systema" 7" (Todo Destruido) ($3.50)
After 2 well received demos, Poliskitzo are back with a debut 4 song 7" entitled "Dulce del systema". Even though Poliskizto affiliates themselves with the L.A Raw ponks, Poliskitzo leans more towards the melodic punk side of things. With an influence of 80's Spanish punk and Rock Radikal, Poliskizto brings something new and refreshing to the table. Some of the catchiest music I have heard in a while. Limited to 500 copies. TD-015

This is the American press limited to 300 copies. Pro printed tape/covers (fold out sleeve). Released in Spain by Solo Para Punks (200 copies). Nueva Autoridad is a new band from Madrid with members of Sudor, La URSS, Mas Volumen, Siberia, Horror, etc... They started with the main idea of playing punk in the vein of Discharge's The more I see period, but with the addition of Dani Mortaja as vocalist and his unique singing and lyrics has created a rare hybrid between UK82 Punk and classic Spanish hardcore. They are playing some great gigs now in Madrid and this 7 songs demo tape is a good start. -Solo Para Punks

Diskurz "s/t" 7" ($2.50)
"Debut 7" from this Croatian band who play awesome singalong punk
that reminds me a lot of 80s Spanish greats Eskorbuto. Like that band, Diskurz blend simple, catchy riffs and vocals with melodic guitar leads and very aggressive playing to yield a product that combine all of the best elements of punk and HC. Another awesome product from what's becoming one of the best and most consistent labels around." - Sorry State Records

Ultratumbados "Requiem para una decada" 7" ($2.50)
This is the debut EP by Chicago's Latino Punks, Ultratumbados. 5 songs of catchy and melodic punk with a dark feel. Bass driven, catchy hooks, solid drums, and dual vocals is what is to be expected from this record. Lots of influence ranging from Eskorbuto to Joy Division.

The SnotRockettes "Prom Night Massacre" 7" ($2.50)
This is the 2nd single by Seattle's all female pop group, The SnotRockettes. One new song of pure power-pop/doo wop punk rocknroll and a cover by Dion and the Belmonts done in a way, only they could pull off. The SnotRockettes still carry the dirty rocknroll sound Seattle has produced, not unlike bands like The Briefs. Ex/Current-Members of The Cute Lepers, The Pop-Machine, The Shy Ones, etc...Limited to 500 copies w/purple dust sleeve.)

Not on T.D Wholesale:

Putas Mierdas "Extincion" 7" (Trabuc Records) European release ($4)
After 2 7"s and a long delay, Putas Mierdas are back with a 3 song 7". Expect more of the same on this recording. Raw yet catchy and melodic punk punk with lots of hooks. Limited to 500 copies all on red vinyl. Here's a Youtube video of one of the songs on the 7".

Up Next:
Esperanza 7" (Japan)
Putas Mierdas Lp